4 Things You Can Do to Help Deal with Stress

4 Things You Can Do to Deal With Stress

There are things you can do to help deal with stress, one small step at a time.


4 Things You Can Do to Help Deal with Stress

  1. If you can, take a break from the situation, person and people involved. You may want to solve the problem right away or share how you really feel while you’re angry, but this will only make things worse. Take the time to step away and cool down first before working things out. This way, you’re less likely to overreact or do something you may regret later. Taking a break from talking over the phone, using social media, or even being around the people involved are great ways you can give yourself time to think about how you feel and what you can do to make things a little better.
  2. Go for a walk and get some fresh air or do something you enjoy. Walking or stepping away from the situation for a little bit will help you calm down and see things more clearly. It’s hard to think straight when you are upset, sad or angry. You can also try working out, reading, playing video games or your favorite sport to help calm down.
  3. Listen to your favorite music. Music can really be a great way to not only calm down, but relax.
  4. Open up and talk about it. It’s OK to ask for help. Getting help doesn’t mean you’re weak and there are people who really do care. If you don’t have a family member or friend you can talk to, you can always reach out to your doctor, teacher, boss or call (800) – 273 – TALK (8255). If you are in NYC, you can always call (888) – NYC – WELL (692 – 9355).


More Help…

cell phone

Call 2-1-1 for 24/7 help finding more programs, services and all kinds of help near you.

Call (800) – 273 – TALK (8255) for crisis, emotional and mental health support anytime.

Call (888) – NYC – WELL (692 – 9355) for emotional and mental health support anytime.


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