Food and Product Safety: What You Need to Know

For our safety and health.

Our government (FDA) protects our health by checking the safety of food and products we use every day.

These products include baby formula, food, cosmetics, drugs, electronics, condoms, medical and dental tools.


How does FDA protect our health?
  • Testing products for safety
  • Inspecting or checking out products to make sure they are safe for us to use
  • Making sure all food ingredient lists include ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction
  • Taking products out of the market when there is a problem with the product, ingredients, packaging, dyes, nutrition facts or labeling
  • Requiring companies and businesses to register with FDA and have good and safe ways to make and handle products
  • Requiring companies and businesses to keep a good record of all the processes involved in making, testing and handling their products


Can I tell if FDA has approved a product by looking at the label?

No, not always. Products are not required to have FDA approval on labels. To find out if a product has been approved, visit FDA web site or call 888 – INFO – FDA.


How often does FDA inspect places that make and handle food?

Regularly. It depends on the type of place or business. FDA often works with your state to make sure foods are made and handled safely. If there is ever a problem, the business or place making and handling the food would have to go through more inspections and the FDA would make sure they improve things for better safety.


Does FDA inspect grocery stores, restaurants or dollar stores?

No. Grocery stores, restaurants and dollar stores are inspected by local health departments.


How do I report a problem with a product that FDA has approved?

Call 888 – FDA – INFO or your state FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinator.

You can also fill out online forms. Use Medwatch online form to report problems with human food or medical products. Use Safety Reporting Portal online form to report problems with pet food, dietary supplements and tobacco products.


How do I report a complaint about food in restaurants, grocery stores, delis, supermarkets, bakeries, cafeterias, warehouses and street vendors?

Call 2-1-1 or 3-1-1 to file a report with your local representative.

If it is a complaint about a supermarket, they will put together the complaint with you over the phone and send it to your state department of agriculture.

If it is a complaint about a restaurant, grocery store, deli, bakery, cafeteria, warehouse or street vendor, they will put together the complaint with you and send it to your local health department.


Food Safety Guides: Food Safety for Consumers, Safe Food Handling: What You Need to Know,  and Safe Food Handling Fact Sheets and Food Safety for Moms-To-Be (before, during and after pregnancy).


Keep in mind that our government works every day to make sure food and products we buy are safe, but we must remember to wash our hands often, handle food safely and clean up properly in order to keep healthy and safe.

Talk to your 2-1-1, 3-1-1 or FDA representative for more information.

cell phoneDownload Is My Food Safe? app for more helpful food safety tips.

Call 2-1-1 or 3-1-1 for answers from your local information representative.

Call 888 – INFO – FDA (463 – 6332) or email to for more information from our government.



Special thanks to Dr. Dilcia Granville, senior public affairs specialist for FDA and inventor of Dip and See sugar tester

Rosemae and Dr. Granville


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