Getting Through High School – “The future was on my mind.”

I was touched by their unity and how they worked together to help each other achieve.

Lately, I’ve been hearing in the community that there seems to be no unity and hope. But this interview showed me otherwise. There is hope and young people today have a lot of great potential. Just hearing John, Demetrius, CJ and Cedrick speak about their struggles in life gave me goosebumps … in a good way. Some of the wisdom that came out of their mouths amazed me, especially since they have so much to share at such a young age. So it really must be true: You are never too young to teach and you are never too old to learn.

Even when it seems like no one understands you or the world is against you, please remember that there really are people who care, who want to help and see you do better. Whenever you’re ready, you can get the support you need just by opening up a little more and reaching out. No matter what you may be going through, you are not alone and you can get through it all one day at a time.

What do you think? Share your thoughts.

We’re in this together.

Don’t give up and never stop believing.

With love,



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