How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Losing weight and staying fit does not have to be confusing. With patience and a few simple changes to your lifestyle and diet, you can do it.


How do I lose weight and keep it off the healthy way?

  1. Start by making an appointment with your doctor or health care provider. He/she will be able to help you figure out what would work best for you and help you keep track of your health and progress as you go along. You can also ask about getting more nutrition or food help. If you don’t have a doctor or insurance, you can still get help at a health center near you.
  2. Cut down on calories, but don’t starve yourself or skip meals. Calories is the energy that our body needs. When we take in too much energy, we can gain weight. Choosing low calorie meals (less than 400 calories) and low calorie snacks (less than 120 calories) is a great way to help lose weight.
  3. Cut down on sugar and bad fats. It makes a huge difference and really helps to drink more water and stay away from soda, juices, lattes, shakes, energy drinks, sports drinks, alcohol and other sugary drinks which usually have a lot of calories. Also, try to stay away from sweets, junk food, fast food, fried food and greasy foods. If you eat meat, try to stick to lean meat or meat with very little fat on it.
  4. Control your portion sizes. Even if it’s low in calories, low fat, fat free or light, try not to have too much of it at a time. It really helps to have no more than the recommended amount of food for 1 person that you see next to Serving Size on the back of food packages. For snacks, try not to have more than what can fit in the palm of one hand.
  5. Eat more vegetables every day. More vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, dark green lettuce, green string beans, peas, kale, sweet potatoes, carrots, collard greens, tomatoes, okra, asparagus and spinach. You will feel full for longer after eating them.
  6. Exercise more. Doing more simple exercises like walking, jogging, running, bike riding, swimming, sports, dancing or treadmill every day can make a big difference. It also helps to take the stairs more instead of using elevators or escalators.


How many calories do I need each day to start losing weight?

It depends on your age, height, weight and activity level. If you don’t know your height and weight, you can find out when you go to your doctor. If you don’t have a doctor or insurance, you can still get help at a health center near you.

Find out how many calories you need each day to lose or maintain your weight with Body Weight Planner. Just enter your starting information in Step 1 and your weight goal in Step 2. You don’t need to enter anything for Step 3, just click Next Step and you will see your results.

You can also check out Super Tracker, a great free and easy to use online tool for more help putting together a plan and keeping track of your weight. First create a profile. Then, click My Weight Manager on the home page or under “My Features” at the top.

Super Tracker My Weight Manager


More Help…

✧ Guides: Nutrition Facts Label (reading food labels), Choose My Plate (healthy eating and exercise)

Support Groups: Super Tracker (healthy eating and exercise support), How to Get Food Help (help for people of all ages) and Meetup (fitness meet ups with other people near you)


Talk to your doctor or health care provider for more information. 

If you don’t have a doctor or insurance, you can get help at a health center near you.


cell phone

Call 2-1-1 for 24/7 help finding more programs, services and all kinds of help near you.

Call (800) – 5 – HUNGRY or (800) – 548 – 6479 for help finding free food in your area. You can also text your zip code to (800) – 548 – 6479 for help.

Call (800) – 931 – 2237 for caring help and support with eating disorders.




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Page last updated: May 23, 2017

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