More Testing and Help for Depression on the Way

DepressionA step in the right direction.

Our national Task Force is working everyday to improve our health. They recently recommended that doctors and health care providers test all adults for depression so that those who have it can get the help they need.

This includes testing and help for all women during pregnancy and after birth.


First there’s screening.

Doctors and health care providers test for depression by asking patients to fill out a questionnaire with questions about worry and sadness.

If the test is positive for depression, doctors can check in with patients to confirm and get a better idea of how depressed they are so that they get the treatment that is best for them (professional counseling and/or medication).


Help can lead to a better life.

Catching depression early can prevent disability and make it possible to get through day-to-day life feeling a lot better.


Depression guides: Guide to Depression and Bipolar Disorder and Depression During and After Pregnancy: A Resource for Women, Their Families and Friends


Keep in mind that there is no quick fix for depression. With patience and the help of a health care professional, things can get better.

Talk to your doctor or health care provider for more information.

If you don’t have a doctor, find a health center near you.

cell phone

Call 800 – 233 – HELP (4357) for free 24/7 caring help finding services and support near you.

Call 800 – 944 – 4773 for free caring help with depression during and after pregnancy.

Call 800 – SUICIDE (784 – 2433) for free 24/7 caring help with thoughts of suicide.





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