Low or No Cost Health Care Services Near You

Free health care servicesQuality care and caring support.

Everyone deserves quality health care services.

Even if you don’t have insurance, you can pay what you can afford at health centers near you.



Health Centers and Hill-Burton Health Care Facilities

Services for everyone include:

  • Help with any questions you may have about your health or situation
  • Medical and dental care including routine check ups, visits, exams and tests
  • Help with getting prescription medications, birth control and counseling
  • LGBT care and services
  • Help dealing with with mental health, depression, drugs, alcohol and HIV/AIDS
  • Pregnancy care for mom and baby
  • Shots that can help prevent infections and diseases


Find a health center or Hill-Burton health care facility near you.


Keep in mind that these health care services may be at no cost or a reduced-cost depending on your situation or income.

Talk to your doctor or health care provider for more information.

If you don’t have a doctor, find a health center near you.

cell phoneCall 877 – 464 – 4772 (option 5) for free 24/7 help finding affordable health care services for the whole family.

Call 800 – 311 – BABY (2229) for free 24/7 help finding free or low-cost health care services for pregnant women, mothers and children.





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Page last updated: March 9, 2017


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